TSA-Friendly Traveling

TSA-Friendly Toiletries Packing

One of the most annoying things to pack for a flight is the toiletries bag. This is especially irritating for people who don’t travel with check-in luggages because of TSA restrictions. Only liquids in 3.4 oz (or 100 ml) containers are allowed onboard. This includes gel products like toothpaste.
In my recent travels, I’ve been flying with a budget airline that only allows one personal item. With this restriction, I’ve found that there are ways to work around this problem with a few simple tricks. Here we’ll go over what toiletries you can pack for flying with just a carry-on.

toiletries bag

  • Sample-sized products are your friends. Subscription boxes that cater to your needs are great for stocking up on travel-friendly products! You can get shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, and other goodies that allowed on planes. Plus getting goodie bags every month is just so much fun!
  • Use dilutable moisturizers. Traveling for more than a few days requires a lot of moisturizers, which tend to take up tons of your liquid allowance. One way to get through this is by using lotions like Vanicream which are used by diluting it with water. This works wonders on the skin, and is free of parabens and fragrances.
  • Solid hygiene products are lifesavers. We travel a lot, and Lush’s Toothie Tabs have saved us a lot of trouble because they’re solid and yummy. Some people have mixed feelings about having to crush them, so tooth powders are also available. Their solid shampoos and conditioners also come in handy during travel. Massage bars can also double as scented lotions. Water-activated facial cleansers also come in handy, like Tatcha’s Classic Rice Enzyme Powder. Just be sure it label it properly so workers don’t mistake it for uhh- other inhalable substances.
  • Invest in a travel toothbrush. How many times have you gone traveling only to forget your toothbrush because you were rushing out? Sure, you can go buy a new one when you reach your destination, but it tends to dampen the mood. And really, who wants to travel while worrying if their breath is nasty and nauseating other people? It’s a good idea to buy a separate toothbrush that you can pack ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about packing one before leaving – especially with early morning flights.
  • Stock up on 3.4 oz bottles. Not all brands carry travel-sized versions of their products, and even then, it’s not very cost efficient because buying in bulk is usually cheaper. By always having enough containers to store your products in, it’ll be easier to prepare the right portions for your trip.

These are some easy ways in which I found has helped packing toiletries a lot easier for travel. Below is a full list of products I bring on trips.

Toiletries Packing
What are your go-to methods for passing TSA regulations on liquids? Share your thoughts n the comments section!

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