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Travel-Friendly Emergency Pouch

Having a pretty active lifestyle, I’ve become accustomed to Murphy’s Law. If things can go wrong, they probably (definitely) will. This is especially true for a incurable klutz like me. I’ve had so many mishaps that people around me aren’t even surprised by my bruises anymore. Tried to warn someone about a no-biking zone and crashed my own bike in the process? Done that. Had someone lift me up only to scrape my knee for overcompensating? Yep. Walked across a perfectly flat surface only to trip over my own feet? I can’t even count how often this happened.


Emergency pouches to the rescue! These compact lifesavers can also help people who have anxiety, like me, so they feel prepared for the unexpected. Here, I’ll be listing down the things I carry in my own pouch, as well as suggestions on where to get these items. Even if we don’t have the same needs, you can at least use this as a base for customizing your own little baggie.


Here’s what I usually have in my own pouch.


I tend to have different pouches for each of my bags and they all have different makeup products, so I put in a couple of lipsticks and mascaras in this pictures, which still fit quite well inside. I’ve gotten quite used to jamming items in small spaces, and it’s become a fun game seeing how well I can fit everything into my bag.


It can get quite tricky fitting items for emergencies inside such a tiny pack, but I have a few tips for making it happen:



  • Sample-sized items are your best friends. You’ll be noticing this pattern among my articles, because I really find it convenient to have small items on-the-go. They take up little space and can easily be replaced. You won’t be needing much volume for an emergency pack anyway.
  • Find individually packed products. For items like wipes, it’s far more convenient to have a couple of small packets than bringing a whole bag.
  • Plan ahead. Think of other incidents you’ve had before and use those to plan what you’ll probably be needing. You tend to fall on your knees? Bandaids. You get sunburned a lot? Stick sunscreen. Too many people hit on you? Pepper spray.
  • Transfer products to smaller containers. For items that don’t come available in convenient sizes, there’s always to option of using a smaller bottle or jar. This way, you can also decorate your new container to suit your aesthetic!



As a final note, I find that makeup bags work really well as emergency pouches because they’re small and pretty. I personally use the bags I get from my Ipsy subscription, and since I also use a lot of the samples from that sub, I don’t even have to take them out of the bag! Below is a full list of items I have in most of my baggies.

emergency pouch

Another reason I’m a fan of this idea is because it keeps everything organized. The small size fits easily in most bags and purses, so when a friend asks for an alcohol spray or a lip moisturizer, I can just point them to the pouch. That’s much easier than digging for small items in a much larger bag. As a bonus, I can easily transfer my essentials when switching bags to match the occasion.


There you have it! A travel-friendly emergency pouch for the vigilant and stylish. What do you guys think? Leave a comment below so we can exchange ideas!

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