One Dress, Five Ways: Angelic Pretty Princess Cat Peplum JSK

Lolita fashion is infamous for having highly expensive clothing. Most brands usually release a set of accessories like legwear and headpieces for their prints. For those of us who want to maximise the wearability of these main pieces, having various ways to coordinate these dresses and skirts helps considerably. I personally have trouble mix and matching my coordinates, but acquiring one of my dream dresses gave me a stroke of inspiration.

I’ve been looking for Angelic Pretty’s Princess Cat Peplum JSK in wine for about a year until I finally got a great deal on it in Lace Market. I’m so excited and ecstatic to finally have it in my wardrobe. Being the frugal frilliac that I am, I want to be able to wear this dress as often as I can without looking boring and repetitive. Part of the reason why I love this dress is that you can choose to keep or remove several parts of it, making it one of the more versatile JSKs out there. After playing around, I came up with five ways to wear this dress with consideration to the seasons.

The first is a very casual look perfect for warm weather. For this coord, I removed the overskirt and bow chain. I also hopped into beige shoes to bring out the polka dots on the print. The low heel also allows for easier mobility.


The one below is another summer-friendly look for fancier events. Here, I included the overlay and bow chain to complete the JSK. I also swapped out the tea party shoes for black pumps to add some more flair. The shoes are thrifted, so I sadly don’t know what brand it is.


Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t add a travel-friendly coord. Again, I took off the overlay because, let’s be real, I would not wear it if I was travelling to avoid ripping the delicate fabric. I’m also wearing short socks for this reason. Tights are in danger of running due to heavy activity, and OTKs might keep slipping down. The shoes made way for some pompom creepers I also thrifted.


The next one is a look suited for magical girls. I switched the blouse for a sheer, glittery off-shoulder top and switched the socks for polka-dot tights. The black pumps make a comeback, and a simple witch hat from Michael’s replaced the headbow. This is one coord I would love to wear in a gothic mansion tucked away in a forest during autumn. I just think it looks elegant and magical.


The last coord is something I would wear to an indoor winter meet. I went back to the beige shoes and forewent a blouse for a fur capelet. I chose a curly brown wig to match the gold tones in the dress and the rose crown. I really enjoyed how this coord turned out, especially since I’ve had the capelet since I was a little girl but never really wore it out before (seeing as I grew up in a tropical country).


There you have it, my five ways to coordinate Princess Cat. Doing this, I realized how fun it is to practice coordinating main pieces in different ways. I found details I missed before and fell in love with my dress even more as I realized how multifaceted it is. I hope these coordinated were able to spark some inspiration, or better yet, encouraged you to take out a piece and experiment with it for your dream events or even just a quick grocery run!

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