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LBC: Winter to Spring Transition Coordinates

As the snow starts to melt and reveal the hidden layers of the ground, so too do humans slowly begin to shed their numerous outerwear. For the fashion-inclined, this serves a great opportunity to wear winter-friendly clothes in a less bulky manner. Lolitas, in particular, rejoice in the perfectly cool weather.
However, transitioning from winter to spring also brings a set of challenges. For example, we have to find ways to work around the melting snow, and rainfall. Coming from a tropical country, this was not something I was prepared for after my first winter. I quickly had to learn how to deal with the seasons changing. So in today’s article, I’ll be sharing a few coord inspirations using the methods I learned.
This first coord is the warmest I came up with. It’s important to wear boots if there’s still quite a thick amount of snow in your area to avoid having wet feet. I also used a cardigan for extra warmth. You can also take this layer off indoors.

For the next coord, I choose to focus on comfort. Therefore, I went with a cozy pullover. I simply added a necklace to put a little more detail on the neckline. This skirt looks a little short when I wear it with a big poof, so I used stockings to hide my knees.


This coord, I would wear for days when the weather can’t make up its mind (quite common in Minnesota). Here, I wore a fur capelet over my cutsew – an easy layer to remove in case it gets warm. This is also the reason I opted for OTKs, as I can just scrunch them down in a similar situation.


The fourth coord also uses the capelet but without a blouse or cutsew. The reason for this is to protect my neck and arms from windchill without making the coord too stuffy. I also liked that the pompoms on the capelet matched the JSK’s polka-dot lace. Note that I switched out OTKs for ankle socks to better suit warming temperatures.


My final coord is finally for when flowers begin to bloom. This is a casual look perfect for walking around gardens or parks. I recommend using a hat to protect your scalp from sunburn, as I did here. I also used some well-loved tea party shoes that I don’t have to worry about getting more scratches or dirt on.


There you have it! Those are my coordinate suggestions for transitioning from winter to spring in style. These photos were taken next to my patio so I could actually feel if the coordinates were suitable for outdoor temperatures. I’m happy to say that the first three coords were indeed warm enough for 46℉ (7.7℃). I hope you all found these tips useful in deciding how to dress up for the weeks ahead.


This post is inspired by a topic prompt from the Lolita Blog Carnival.


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