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LBC: Where Do You Like To Go Dressed in Lolita Fashion

Clothing is one of our basic human needs. The clothing we wear changes depending on the situations, and most people take a practical approach in choosing what they wear. For alternative fashion enthusiasts, however, it can get problematic when preferred garbs aren’t suitable to certain occasions.

Personally, I love wearing lolita fashion in most events. Given the chance, I would love to wear it everywhere, but that’s not always possible. Thankfully, my other interests are mostly fashion-friendly. Here are some places I enjoy frequenting in lolita.

Restaurants and cafes. I love food. My husband and I share this hobby, and we often seek out various food establishments to try new cuisines and dishes. When we do, I usually wear a coord suited to the ambiance and type of food. It’s important to consider what kind of food is being served because some dishes can be messy and some fabrics are quite hard to clean. Crumbs, sauces, or stews are common culprits for messy eating.

Parks and gardens. Apart from being perfect photoshoot locations, there’s something enchanting about walking around or lounging on grass in a big, beautiful dress surrounded by lush greenery. For this, I would wear comfortable shoes and easy-to-clean legwear. Coming across a muddy patch is inevitable in these types of places.


Museums. While not all museums have the best lighting for taking photos with the art, I still find it quite romantic to walk around the halls with wearable artwork on my body. I don’t have the best understanding of art, but it’s always enjoyable to find pieces that encite strong emotions.

Interactive Art Installments.  These types of pop-up establishments have been gaining more and more popularity recently, thanks largely to our photo-centric pop-culture. The ones I usually visit have sweet themes or fandom inspirations. Whenever I go, I make a point to look at reviews ahead of time to plan color palettes and research photography rules.


Theatres. Dressing up according to a theme is always an enjoyable challenge. Watching plays, musicals, or operas make for a good opportunity to create a coord based on a character or a story. I would recommend wearing toned-down headpieces to avoid blocking the view of people sitting behind you.

Theme Parks. I enjoy wearing lolita to theme parks for the same reason as above. Building a themed coord is almost too enjoyable an activity. However, I would only recommend wearing lolita for when you aren’t planning to go on thrill rides. It’s too much of a hassle to fit inside the tight confines of the safety belts and restraints – not to mention having to remove loose articles like our accessories and wigs.


Conventions. These are probably the easiest place to wear lolita fashion. Surrounded by Japanese pop-culture enthusiasts, most people use these conventions as their first step into trying out J-fashion. I also wore my first real lolita coord during a con, and it’s still a fond memory.

Overall, I would say that I enjoy going to places in lolita fashion more than I do in normie clothing. I’ve always prefered dresses and skirts over pants because I enjoy the freedom of movement, so it was easy to transition from wearing simple dresses to lolita main pieces. It even added to my self-confidence.

Most importantly, I believe that letting more people see alternative fashion frequently is one of the best ways to remove the stigma of wearing “weird” clothing. If people see it enough, they will eventually come to see that it’s normal for people to wear different kinds of clothing, even ones they might not be familiar to at that time. So wear what you love and turn a blind eye to people who find you strange. Everyone is strange in their own way, especially them for merely staring instead of wearing.


I’m so sorry for being inactive for the past couple of weeks. I’ve been in a writing slump, and I couldn’t find the will to write. I’m back now with this new post prompted by the Lolita Blog Carnival!


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3 thoughts on “LBC: Where Do You Like To Go Dressed in Lolita Fashion

  1. I have made this comment on several blogs:
    I never understand why colle students are reluctant to attend classes in Lolita.
    Punk Rockers, Rappers, etc wear their “costumes” why not Lolita.
    ps: Love the glasses.


    1. Hi! Thank you for the compliment! A lot of the reluctance probably stems from not wanting our fashion to be misinterpreted as costumes. It also takes a lot of time to get ready and some of them might not have the leeway to dress up elaborately. That said, I know a lot of people also wear lolita in school, regardless of outside opinion. I think it’s more of the cultures within the colleges/universities and personal preferences. It’s a mixed bag, but not everyone refuses to wear lolita to classes. I hope this answer helps!

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