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LBC: Create a Coord Based on a Fairy Tale

This week’s Lolita Blog Carnival topic was something of a challenge for me. While I love fairy tales, my wardrobe doesn’t really reflect it. Most of my main pieces are either suited for casual wear, or for glamorous gothic coords. I kept searching and thinking about which story I can use for this article and coming up blank. I listened to a Disney playlist, hoping it would help me out. And it did. Just not in the way I was expecting.

Building a coordinate out of a fairy tale doesn’t necessarily mean dressing up as a princess. It had taken me so long to realize that. And a perfect fairy tale story suited my wardrobe, too. I don’t have many hime-friendly clothes, but I do have a healthy amount of faux leather jackets in my collection. My casual, comfy wardrobe was also suited for the story I had in mind.

The theme I chose is Disney’s Descendants. This revolves around the lives of the classic fairy tale characters’ children. The story focuses on the four villain kids’ journey to discovering how they want to live their lives outside of their parents’ expectation, after they’re given a chance to study outside of their island home/prison.

I wanted to explore how best to be able to mix these two concepts together. The soft perfection of the good characters blending with the harsh roughness of the evil ones. The movies actually show a really good transition between the characters’ design and styling, and I took inspiration from how the two aesthetics came together. I ended up wearing Diamond Honey’s Angel Cats and Devil Cats JSK in Sax/Lavender. I simply adore how this print chose to use different colored cats than what most people would expect when they hear the theme – and the Descendants story had characters that fit this mold – “good guys” who bully others, and “bad guys” who are actually helpful and sweet.

I paired this dress with a faux leather jacket to bring up some of the darker tones, along with black high-heeled boots. I removed the waist bow from the dress and used it as a headpiece, replacing it with a belt and two-way bow clip. I also chose a darker makeup to drive home the conflict all the characters face – and how they all have a darker side that they’re just trying to repress.

I was so excited by this topic when it first came up, but I found it to be more difficult than I anticipated. While my theme is a bit of a stretch in the classic fairy tale theme, I did enjoy how much complexity I was able to derive from choosing a theme and building around it. Doing this makes me feel a lot more inclined to wearing themed coordinated in the future. Do you also enjoy creating themed coordinates? Which fairy tale would you like to make a coord out of?

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