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LBC: Create a Coord To Best Fit the Season

My lolita style is best described as comfortable. As much as I love OTT coords with elaborate styling, I have very little tolerance for inconvenience. During busy trips, comfort and enjoyment take priority. The season and weather are huge factors in how I coordinate, traits which came in handy for this week’s Lolita Blog Carnival prompt.

When dressing for warmer weather, I look for breathable fabrics which I can wear with minimal layers. I also prefer wearing a cage skirt and crew socks for maximum comfort. Wearing natural hair is also preferable to wigs to prevent excess sweating. I decided to hit two birds with one stone and used this opportunity to also coordinate an outfit for a small donut exhibit last weekend. Now that I had an aesthetic theme and comfort criteria to work with, I set out to assemble a coordinate.

This look was centered around Angelic Pretty’s Baked Sweets Parade skirt in pink. To match the main piece, I wore an off-brand short-sleeved pink cutsew and pinned a “Brand Whore” enamel pin by Star Glazed Delights. I went with a simple two-layer necklace to give more detail to my torso, and pink crew socks and Lief tea party shoes completed my footwear. Finally, to tie the whole donut look together, I wore a handmade donut headband given by @faeryndipity.

I was so happy with how this look turned out. I’ve been trying to find better ways to coordinate skirts in my wardrobe to practice accessorizing, and this look just felt so complete. I love how comfortable and breezy it was thanks to the cage skirt underneath. I also got a lot of compliments from passersby, which warmed my heart more than a donut would (well, almost). . This coord paired so well with the small donut-themed exhibit, one of the staff members even asked if I was the donut girl they were looking for!

I had so much fun with this blog prompt that I’m now inspired to make a post filled with tips to survive the summer heat in lolita fashion. But as much as I want to start right away, I have two more blog posts lined up. If you’re interested in finding more ways to coordinate for the summer, please check out the following blogs!

The Bloody Tea Party | Roli’s Ramblings

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