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LBC: Create a Spooky Coord

With my head busy planning for my comm’s upcoming Halloween meet and juggling general life issues with adjusting to a new job, I haven’t had much time to sit down and do some writing. Sometimes it makes me want to simply whisk my problems away with some magic.

While I unfortunately don’t have the ability to do that, I can at least dress the part. So back from a pretty lengthy hiatus, I’m here with a coordinate fit for the season.

Haenuli’s The Story You Don’t Know JSK was my chosen main piece for this coordinate, because being in one of my dream dresses makes me feel happier. I paired it with an offbrand blouse I got during this year’s Paradiso swap meet, along with a simple witch hat. With the galactic-themed tattoo tights and the open-toed wedges, I wanted to give this coord a more casual feel – like a witch going about town.

And, of course, what’s a witch without her familiar? In lieu of a stuffed animal bag, I chose this Kate Spade New York Jazz Things Up small Hayden satchel to keep in line with the casual vibe. For this reason, I also chose to forgo accessories for easier mobility. Having such small fingers, I often find bulky rings to be a huge pain when doing tasks that require dexterity.

To add a bit more detail to my coord for skipping accessories, however, I decided to wear a more complex makeup than I usually do. This took inspiration from a lot of the makeup looks I saw during my trip to the Renaissance Festival. The moon detail, I chose to add as homage to the Goddess in Wiccan beliefs.

I haven’t put quite as much effort in coordinating my outfits in a few weeks, sticking to safer combinations and muted prints. But being in my loud dress and turning the room into a frilly mess felt therapeutic in a sense. In the end, flouncing around with this coord on may have imparted a little bit of magic in me tonight – even if it’s only playing a part on camera.

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