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LBC: Make a Capsule From Your Own Wardrobe

This week’s Lolita Blog Carnival topic is something I’ve always adored seeing other people do. Capsule wardrobes seem so practical and impressive, but I’ve always been indecisive about choosing color palettes and sticking to them. After taking a long look at my closet, however, I saw a way I could make it work with my wardrobe.

While capsule wardrobes often focus on a specific theme or color scheme, I decided to bring my messiness and love for variety into this particular capsule. For a part-time sweet lolita, I don’t really have as much pinks as one would expect. The main pieces I chose reflect this.

For blouses, I chose two white blouses to go with all of the main pieces and one pink cutsew for a summer-friendly casual coord. My shoe selection also follows the theme of two neutral shades and a bold pink pair. For accessories, I honestly just threw down a bunch of sweet jewelry and headpieces I thought would match.

The first main piece is my most recent acquisition – Angelic Pretty’s Baked Sweets Parade OP in Yellow. I’ve been wanting this dress for a few months and this blog prompt was the perfect excuse for me to take it out and play with it.

Next is Angelic Pretty’s Whipped Magic OP in pink. The easiest way to wear this dress is by pairing it with the matching set, but for those who don’t own the matching headbow or want some variety, I have a few other suggestions below.

On to JSKs, our first one is Angelic Pretty’s Castle Mirage Special Set’s JSK. Unfortunately when I bought this dress, it didn’t come with the matching headbow, so I’ve been having to make do with different headpieces. So far, I’m quite happy with how they’ve all turned out.

Our next JSK is Diamond Honey’s Angel Cats and Demon Cats. I absolutely adore this dress for its comfort and versatility, and here I tried to coordinate it differently than usual – which is quite the task as I wear this dress very often.

Our final piece is a skirt from Bodyline, Stripe Balloon Bears Skirt(L638) in mint. I find this skirt very hard to coordinate because mints never match so I went ahead and focused on the different colors and designs on the print. This really struck some good inspiration for future coordinates, especially in this summer heat.

I didn’t include hair/wigs and bags into this selection because I usually just grab whichever bag I dump my items into so I don’t really have a lot of experience with it. But as far as my knowledge takes me, these are the coords I’ve been able to come up with for a capsule wardrobe. I definitely think there are other, better ways these components can be coordinated together, and I’ll definitely be trying to play around with my main pieces more often.

Until then, please have a very ita none-of-my-pinks-match sorry excuse for a coord!

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